Bulletin for March 15, 2018
Summary of March 1st Meeting
Thanks to your generosity we collected $19.00  Happy Bucks and Dollars for the Foundation last week.  All these contributions benefit the Rotary International Foundation.
Jason Osterhaus is the Johnson County Commissioner for the 4th District and was our speaker this morning. 

"The 4th District of the Johnson County Board of Commissioners is the largest district by population with almost 100,000 residents. It is also the only county commission district within one city. Great schools, thriving businesses and hardworking residents are just a few of the great qualities that make up the 4th District." 

Thanks for a great presentation, Jason. You can read more at
President's Message
Jeff Shore
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We will have our next board meeting on Wednesday, March 14th at 6 p.m.



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Meals on Wheels
Rotary Club of Johnson County
Meals on Wheels Volunteer Sign-up
January through July 2017
(1st Friday of each month)
Below, please find the Meals on Wheels schedule for 2016.  If you wish to participate but did not have a chance to signup, or if you have a conflict with the date, please inform Shelly Tehven.   
January 5, 2018 Dave Gras Bill Robinett
February 2, 2018 Mark Smith Pam Stockman
March 2, 2018 Joe Morris Rod Fager
April 6, 2018 Larry Williams Bill Robinett
May 4, 2018 Shelly Tehven Lyle Curtis
June 1, 2018 Joe Morris Pam Stockman
July 6, 2018 Mark Smith Dave Gras
March 8, 2018
Did you know that March is Literacy Month?  In the Rotary calendar, this is the emphasis for the month of March and Rotarians are encouraged to be involved in literacy projects. 

In the developing world, one in five adults cannot read or write.  Can you imagine?  That is almost 862 million people, two and a half times the number of US citizens.

But we all know that there are many people who struggle with literacy in our own community.  That is why our work with the Head Start programs is so very important.  

Although we are just finishing our Rotary Books for Kids this year, it is an on-going program that whenever books are brought in, they are still delivered to a Head Start Center.  What we have done with our “Books” project during the past six years is to provide 26,000 books to area pre-school children and their families.  And it hasn’t taken much money or work.  Shirley’s year as president can boast of more than 300 books that our club has donated. Books or money that come in from here on will be counted on as Books for Kids drive for Gail’s upcoming year.  The goal set by Gail’s officers is to work for a matching grant that will increase our donations greatly.

Remember, you can bring in books any time during the Rotary year so keep an eye out for bargain books.  Many discount stores have packs of children’s books for around $10. 
by Larry Williams 
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Mar 22, 2018
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