Dear Fellow Rotarians: Wow, what a great organization! We are a part of something that is literally trying to make the world a better place and at the same time building better communities in which we live. Each of us has an opportunity to help to the best of our abilities. For some, that is more funds than time, for others, maybe more time than talent and yet for others, more talent than dollars. 
And, we make a difference. The improvements we make in communities benefit our neighbors every day. The improvements we make in the world will change mankind for eternity. We are "This Close" to ridding the world of Polio. For only the second time in history we will remove a most debilitating disease from the planet and make it only a long distant memory. Countless man hours and close to a billion dollars have been invested in this project since 1986. And, YOU are a part of it. You will be able to say you helped change the world for the better. 
And, what a great theme this year: "PEACE THROUGH SERVICE."  Tying two of the biggest concepts of Rotary together is three simple words. Rotary provides service not only without regards to race, color, religion and creed, but also, across borders. Borders that separate other entities are opened to welcome Rotarians around the world. When Peace comes to the world, Rotary will be a major reason. It is so difficult to hate someone a World away when they are hosting your youth exchange kids and your Group Study Exchange team.
I trust you are looking forward to the years ahead with pride and optimism and the knowledge that your Rotary Club is a great organization with the ability to make things happen! I know I am! I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and to hear your hopes,  dreams and plans to make you communities and the world a better place.
Larry Rumburg, District 5690 Governor