We are in the last two weeks of the Rotary year, so Shirley is probably counting the days and hours until Gale takes over the presidency.  Maybe there are things we can do to help in the last days of this year and in looking forward to next year.
•  Think about attendance.  Could you do a make-up or two to make this year’s record better for the club?  Or, as we begin the July year, why not make a goal of having perfect attendance for next year?  
•  Many of us set a goal of inviting a new prospect to breakfast.  You still have time to make that ask.  
•  What about sharing a program idea with the incoming Board? 
•  Start collecting camping equipment for the Higher M-Pact kids.  See the list in this newsletter.
•  Do you have a new fund-raising idea?  Get it in to Shirley, Gail or Kim.    
•  Has your schedule changed so that you can deliver Meals on Wheels more frequently? 
•  Do you keep up on RI activities and projects by reading the ROTARIAN and then pass it along at your doctor’s, dentist’s or broker’s office? 
•  Finally, whenever and wherever you meet new people, keep an eye out for a future Rotarian-Of-The-Year.  They are out there just waiting to be recognized.