Happy Rotary New Year!!
Thursday will be our first meeting of the new Rotary year of 2013-2014 with many new possibilities to serve our community and the world.  Just think what an impact you will have at our club meetings and in service for the next few months. 
Thursday, the 11th, is our first meeting under the leadership of president and chairman of the board, Gail Ochs.  Let’s all get out and support her and her new board.  Here are some things to bring to Thursday’s meeting.
  • Start with perfect attendance. As of this moment you have perfect attendance at Rotary.  Keep it up!
  • Bring your ideas and commitment to your Rotary committee.  Everybody is a leader!
  • Set goals for yourself.  How much will I give to the Every Rotarian Every Year?  How many books for kids can I gather or buy?   How many guests will I bring to Rotary meetings this year?  In what projects will I take a lead? 
  • Pay your dues.  You can begin paying on your EREY pledge at the same time.  Put in extra for TRF each time you pay dues.
  • Bring yourself, your smile and your extra change. You were asked to be a Rotarian because of who you are.  You are important to the Rotary Club of Johnson County!
Right now I’m really charged up!    GO   ROTARY  GO !!!   We each make it happen!