Johnson County Rotarians have a lot to be thankful for.  It has been a good year, this year of 2012-2013. Thanks go to a wonderful Board, hard-working officers and all of you dedicated members.  
Shirley has done a great job as president in bringing us some new ideas and insights.  Her project of Loose Change for Polio was a real winner.  To this date we have collected right at $900 in coins and dollars. The Board decided to make it an even $1,000 to RI Polio Plus from the Rotary Club of Johnson County for this year.   
Adding those dollars to the $1,000 raised for Shelter Boxes, the $200 to help Rotaract give water filters to Guatemala, the $3472 to the Rotary Foundation in our Every Member Every Year Campaign, the $5,000 for Higher M-Pact, and the in-kind donations of books for Head Start that brings the five-year-total to more than 26,000 Books for Kids, Johnson County Rotary has made an impact! 
This doesn’t take into account the several hundred dollars in camp supplies collected to send inner-city kids to camp, or the hundreds more spent on Christmas Angels for the Salvation Army.  Rotarians’ work is never done because there are always people that need help to get on their feet or to merely survive.   
Perhaps Rotary’s greatest contributions involve our efforts to help bring peace and understanding to a needy world.  
Aren’t you glad you are a Rotarian!