Take the Book Collection Challenge!
Get creative…how many children’s books can you collect for $25?
Who can participate?
Each Rotarian who commits $25
What is the Challenge?
A competition to determine which committee can collect the most children’s books/person
When:  From August 1 to December 1
How does it work?
  • Work together as a group to buy books at bookstores and garage sales; seek donations from family, friends, and neighbors; seek a corporate sponsor; or try another other creative option.
  • Books should be new or lightly used (no writing, tears, or stains) and appropriate for children.
  • Larry Williams will be the judge…determining if a book is acceptable and keeping the totals per individual.
  • Bring the books to Larry anytime during the challenge and keep your donation count, too.
  • Books will be given to Head Starts across the metro area.
Our goal:  to collect 700 children’s books to donate to area Head Starts.