The renovation of the Growing Futures playground can’t really be appreciated without “before” photos but, trust me, this is an amazing transformation!  Our musical components have been ordered but have not been installed.  That purchase was made possible by our $1500 donation last year.
Our recycling project with Growing Futures (formerly Shawnee Mission Head Start) is taking shape.  Brandon Hearn, Environmental Health Specialist for Johnson County, talked about his corporate recycling program when he spoke to our club last August.  I connected him with Libby Wolff,  Program and Administrative Assistant at Growing Futures, who has a personal and professional interest in recycling.  She and Brandon are working out details for starting paper recycling at both the school and the administration building.  Brandon’s guidance has been invaluable. There is a paper recycling company called Paper Retriever that will provide a bin and pay them a small return on their paper collection.  Libby believes that their students and their custodial and teaching staff will be responsible for the program.  Our Rotary club could be involved in purchasing classroom bins (which the students will then decorate).  I will be following their progress and will be looking for volunteer opportunities for us as the project develops.