Seeing what other Rotary clubs are doing for service projects is very enlightening.  The Hutt Valley Rotary Club sponsored a health education for people who work with teen pregnancies, infant malnutrition and other child health issues. 

The Lucena South Rotary Club screened 50 people over age 40 to test for bone density associated with osteoporosis.  A pharmacy served as sponsor and a local doctor gave a lecture to those gathered on the causes and treatments available. 
The Rotary Club of Landen  spent two months with high school students in research and preparation and divided them into teams to debate subjects such as school uniforms, local language politics and youth civic engagement.  The public was invited to the debates.
Rotary District 3250 lit two torches and sent them on an Olympic-style journey to visit with and fellowship with Rotarians from the districts north and south of them. They made stops at some 52 clubs along the way to celebrate polio eradication.
Sounds like any Rotary Club in the USA.  However, the Lucena club is in the Phillipines; The Landen club is in Belgium; the Hutt Valley club is in New Zealand and Rotary District 3250 is in India. 

To Rotarians, people have the same needs and desires and problems all over the world.  Our collective goal is to help grow understanding and good health everywhere.  We’ve got lots to do.  What is our next step?