Last Saturday,  John Ruo and I represented our club at the District 5710 Foundation, Membership and Leadership Seminar in Topeka.  The opening session was led by our new District Governor Gary Duggan and Zone Coordinator Dick Jones from New Mexico.
We are now part of Rotary Zone 27 which is made up of 15 Districts from Texas and New Mexico all the way north to Utah and Nebraska.  The Zones in Rotary work to assist and train  Rotarians in various parts of the world who live in somewhat localized areas.
One of the best sessions I’ve seen in years was Andy Huckaba’s on Social Media driving everybody these days and “Rotary needs to catch up.”
In the next few months we will be living and working with the many things learned about how to grow our club and keep our members interested and optimistic.  Gail has us off to a great start; John has more good programs coming;  Kim has Oktoberfest on the move; Tom has us more active on our Website;  and Jill has us thinking and doing  service projects with Higher MPact and Books for Kids.
Are you going to be there Thursday morning?