When you hear Rotary Foundation, don’t be confused. . . be amazed!   Over 2 billion dollars has been raised by Rotarians all over the world since the Foundation’s inception. And billions are being spent to help people all over the world.
The Rotary Foundation, founded in 1947 has now raised $2.9 billion for work in health, safety, inoculations for polio and HIV, peace programs, and disaster relief.  The money is given by the Every Rotarian Every Year drive, Paul Harris Fellows, Polio Plus fund-raisers and bequests.  Last year JoCo Rotarians sent $4072, or an average of $163 per member thru EREY.
The EREY/PH money goes directly to the Annual Fund where it is invested immediately and then spent on matching grant projects three years later.  Rotary has a big foot-print in the world and can do things to help people that the UN or local governments cannot.
We, as a club, have our own small Charitable Foundation that is invested in Mutual Funds.  More about that later. 

I hope you are thinking about sending in your EREY donation of $50 or more.   Remember, it is matched, up to $50, by our club so that portion of your donation is doubled.