Isn’t it great having the Rotary “new year” begin in July?  We need something to think creatively about in the middle of the summer.  Before retirement, some of my best teaching ideas came when I was sitting by the lake or enjoying the beauty of nature. We have the same opportunities with Rotary if we will take a little time to pause and think in the summer.
Last Thursday morning we experienced a new spirit as optimistic new officers took over, even if they seemed to feel a little fear in anticipation of their goals.  Most of us caught that optimism and began setting Rotary goals for ourselves.  For a small club, this club is doing things!
We hit the ground running!  Almost all of the camp equipment for the Higher M-Pact campers is in.  This is the last week to get it in.  Bring the rest in on Thursday.
The new committee assignments have been made so if you were not there Thursday, you need to get there this week to catch up.  It’s still not too late to get your perfect attendance going for 2013-14 and it’s easy to make-up for last week.  Shawnee Mission meets on Wednesday noon and Shawnee meets on Friday morning.  Two visiting Rotarians from Shawnee Mission joined us last week. 
Thursday mornings at the Johnson County Rotary Club are fun.  You get good fellowship, good food and great friendships.  On top of that you can get your “service motor” revved up and your “creative juices” flowing.  Come on in, it’s time to Start Your Engines!