Twenty years ago, members of our club started a JoCo Rotary Charitable Foundation (CF). This makes it easier to give tax-exempt contributions for Humanitarian projects and to have money available to match fund grants through Rotary District and International project funds.
JoCo Charitable Foundation was funded by individual Rotarians who made contributions to the CF and the club putting 20% of fund-raiser proceeds into the fund each year.  Individual Rotarians often give, on the anniversary of their joining the club, the number of dollars for each year of membership.
In this writer’s memory, these past six years has seen several uses of the Foundation.   In 2006, we wanted to be involved in the District 5710 to provide water filters in Guatemala.  After  passing the hat for several weeks, we collected enough to provide three water filters.  Money from the CF provided the last amount to purchase four filters for $1000.   Within just a couple of months, Honduras was blasted with a hurricane.  After passing the hat again, we matched that money with an amount from the CF to contribute $250 to Rotary Emergency Relief.
Two years ago, we began raising money for Shelter Boxes for the District 5710 Project for Emergency Relief. With additional funds from the CF, we purchased two Shelter Boxes.
Last year we again passed the hat, and then added money from the CF in order to provide $250 to the SM Northwest Interact Club to take water filters to a Guatemalan village.   Later that year we added money from the CF in order to round up our Higher M-Pact contribution to $5,500.  
It looks as though we should think about adding more matching funds to the Oktoberfest proceeds.  Our District was not completely genuine about the amount of money we would have for our matching grant requests; we may want to add money from the CF.  
It was the hope of those Rotarians twenty years ago that we continue to build the CF so we will always have funds to use in matching grant opportunities now and in the future.