Did you know that October is Rotary Vocational Service Month?  It is the month we celebrate the service we do when we are on the job.  Whether we are serving customers, teaching students, treating patients or working in commerce, the media or any of the countless other fields that we have in our classification list,  it’s the way we do our jobs that makes Rotarians special.  And we recognize that all vocations are worthy of respect.
Paul Harris wrote often about the business advantages of being a Rotarian.  Being a Rotarian means, that we personally hold a set of values that make us trustworthy people with which to do business.  Besides the ethical values, Rotarians care about others.

If you know people you respect in the workplace, think about inviting them to Rotary.  We are always on the look-out for persons of high ethical standards who love to serve their fellow beings.
Be proud of the work you do, either in a vocation or as a volunteer.  You were chosen for Rotary because of whom you are and the good work you do!   You make a difference just being there on Thursday morning.