Our thirty years of working with the World Health Organization to eradicate polio has caused  this disease to decline to three countries and 120 cases of polio in 2012.  Our loose change jar on Thursdays is really helping.   That little bit each week adds up. 
At this point we have $155 to give to Polio Plus and next week we’ll add the coins for October.  Remember, we are one week short because we didn’t meet at the hotel last week.  If you want to make a designated deductible gift to Polio, just drop a check into the jar and we’ll send that contribution to TRF in your name.   Ray did that last week and that’s why our total has jumped.

With Polio winding down, what will the next world-wide push for Rotary International be?  There are hundreds of projects being done by Rotarians in all aspects of health, humanity, understanding, literacy and peace.  However, three areas stand out as the major emphasis around the developing world.  They are clean water/sanitation, the control of malaria or the attack on AIDS/HIV.   Working to improve these problems will do the most to slow the deaths and illnesses of children all across the globe. 
It’s Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) time.  And because of our “dollars for the Foundation” and “Happy Bucks,” your donation will be matched up to $50.  Turn in your contribution to Larry or Ted or Larry!