November is Foundation Month for the world of Rotary.  It is the time when Rotarians all over the world consider their contribution to Every Rotarian Every Year and the Rotary Foundation (TRF).  The 2012-13 EREY drive netted $115 dollars for work through-out the world. 
As we found out, the system is not perfect, especially the new ever-changing rules of the District 5710 Matching Grants program for this year.  But where the reputation of Rotary is concerned,  TRF is used as a model for other organizations through-out the world as a charity model that uses all its contributions  for projects, nothing for administrative costs. 
This year with the new Matching Grant policies, the major changes were many and too changeable and confusing.  With any new venture there can be major problems which we saw with Dist. 5710.  When the real experts on grant funding requests get involved, things will surely smooth out.
At this point in our club’s EREY drive, we have collected almost $1,000. 
Still to give are six members of our Paul Harris Club and more than half our club membership.   Last year, as a STAR Club, each club member gave to EREY and the total giving from JOCO Rotary was $4,072 which averaged $163 per member.  That average was figured on the total number of club members divided into our total dollars.  Several members gave way more than the $100 per member which really helped our totals.   Loose change collections to Polio Plus totaled $1,000.
As you turn in your EREY check, remember that all donations up to $50 are matched by the money collected by our ‘happy bucks’ and our ‘dollars for the Foundation.’