Water is a vital resource and Rotarians have been doing magnificent work to bring clean water supplies to people in developing countries.   Part of the clean water push has been the work on waste disposal that does not pollute the water in those same areas.   Wherever Rotarians work to clean water supplies they also work with Engineers Without Borders to keep the supplies clean and clean up the bad water sources.
We recently helped the SMNW High School Interact Club with some clean water filter systems and will be having a program to see the results of that project in the near future. 

As Rotarians we also need to keep an eye on any water supplies we come across.  We are reading today about the declining western Kansas Aquifer and recently heard about the Yosemite fire that almost shut down the San Francisco water supply.  We may want to look at  ways we as a club can work to clean-up our nearby waterways and hold on to more of the precious rainwater run-off through rain barrel collectors and water gardens.

At the same time our EREY donations help in keeping the water projects active wherever people need clean water.