Money is available each year to Rotary Clubs through District and RI Funds to do matching grant projects.  The Every Rotarian Every Year money is invested immediately. After three years, 100% of the donations becomes available for Rotary projects.
This year District 5710 has $80,000 to spend in matching grant projects from local clubs.  Kim and Gail have worked very hard to get matching grant projects for the Oktoberfest money we raise for Higher M-Pact, and for playground improvements at Shawnee Mission Head Start.  They had to do several re-writes, as with most new projects the rules kept changing.  But due to their perseverance the grants went in as planned.  It is now a waiting game to see if our projects have been approved.  It seems that many District Rotary clubs are asking for grants.
District Grants have been around a long time however the process has changed in recent years. Over the years, JoCo Rotary has been involved in District Grants that have provided,  eye-glasses to Mexico,  wheel chairs to Panama,  shelter boxes to disaster areas and clean water filters to Guatemala.

Our EREY contributions and our “dollars for the Foundation” really do pay off in service to our fellow humans.