Bulletin for September 12, 2019
Summary of September 5th Meeting
Thanks to your generosity we collected $56 in 'Happy Bucks' and 'Dollars for the Foundation' last week. All these contributions benefit the Rotary International Foundation.  
Jay Senter, publisher of the Shawnee Mission Post, spoke at our September 5th breakfast meeting. With over 2,560 paid subscribers across 14 municipalities, the Shawnee Mission Post has expanded by providing reliable, high-value, social policy content and accountability reporting. 
President's Message
Pam Stockman
member photo
Oktoberfest is one month away.  We need "all hands on deck". Please make an earnest effort to sell raffle tickets, event tickets and get donation items for this event.  Our weekly speaker sign-up is going very well.  If you have an idea for a speaker, please let Becky know so she can stay ahead on the schedule,





Our club meets on Thursdays for breakfast at 7:30 a.m. at the Holiday Inn on 87th street.

Unlike Spring when our heads turn to the birds and bees, it’s now a new Rotary year and on our agenda should be directed to OCTOBERFEST.  I enjoyed my second tenure as your President, though most everything that was accomplished was from the labors of other Club members…  Let’s all support Pam as she carries the banner.




Invite a friend/co-worker to Rotary!


Meals on Wheels
Rotary Club of Johnson County
Meals on Wheels Volunteer Sign-up
February 2019 through July 2019
(1st Friday of each month)
If you wish to participate but did not have a chance to signup, or if you have a conflict with the date, please inform Shelly Tehven.   
Meals on Wheels Volunteers
August 2, 2019 Dave Gras Bill Robinett
September 6, 2019 Rod Fager Mark Smith
October 4, 2019 Larry Williams Pam Stockman
November 1, 2019 Joe Morris Dave Gras
December 6, 2019 Shelly Tehven Lyle Curtis
January 3, 2020 Bill Robinett Rod Fager
*Meet at the back of the Matt Ross center by 10:45 a.m. on Friday morning.  We deliver Route OP5.
Instructions from Meals on Wheels:  
Please, do not leave the meal outside if the recipient is not home. If the recipient does not answer, knock and enter.  If you do not get verbal or visual confirmation, do not leave meal. For Food Safety, we want our meals to remain at the correct temperatures upon delivery. If the client is not home, leave a door tag, circle the “1” for that day, give extra meal away to another client and mark a “2” for the extra meal on that day for that client. This allows our client coordinator to follow up with the client and/or emergency contact to ensure they are okay. 
September 8, 2019
Are Service Clubs a thing of the past? Evidently, if we are still Rotarians working locally, regionally and internationally, it is still important to many in the world.  In fact, if there were more Rotarians, Lions, Optimists, etc., it could be the answer to solving many of the problems of the present and the future.  
In the early days of the last century, service clubs were another way that civilized people found to help people.   Let those of us, who believe in honesty, justice and freedom for all, put our heads together, along with our resources and make life better.
Paul Harris and some of his business and professional friends did just that in Chicago to begin this entity we call Rotary.  “Let those of us who can, help those who can’t, make things better in our neighborhoods, our cities and towns and then . . . . the world!”
Rotary ideals and work have helped thousands of people, while at the same time, made our democracy, our public education system and our public institutions grow and flourish. And, Rotary has spread worldwide.
I remember joining Rotary in the 1960’s when the watchword was “Service is the BestWork of Life!”    It did not matter your vocation; it too was service.  What the radical divisive groups want is for us to withdraw help for your fellow man or woman.  Too much good-will and caring among men/women, kills the fear they are spreading.
Rotarians have always been better at working with each other rather than talking at each other.   60 years later, working with all of you helpful people, I am still a Rotarian!
by Larry Williams 
Rotary Blog
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Upcoming Speakers
Sep 12, 2019
Developing youth in the inner city through soccer - TOCA Soccer club
Sep 19, 2019
Theoretical Chemist
Sep 26, 2019
Noah's Bandage Project
Oct 17, 2019
KC Common Good Project
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