Bulletin for February 7, 2019
Summary of January 31st Meeting
Thanks to your generosity we collected $32 in 'Happy Bucks' and 'Dollars for the Foundation' last week. All these contributions benefit the Rotary International Foundation.  Visiting Rotarians: Ray Makalous
President's Message
Joe Morris
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WHEW, I got out of town just in time to enjoy time in the Southwest without any snow.  Part of the vacation was spent in El Paso, TX.  For we old timers, and many new timers here, too, will remember my brother, Jerry.  He was a devout ROTARIAN spending many summers at RYLA camp as an instructor.  While in El Paso I attended a meeting at the NE El Paso Club.  When introduced, I stood up and spent 5 minutes recounting times with members there who remembered Jerry and the “Crazy” kind of fellow he was.  I’m sharing this with you all as a reminder that making up at other clubs, either locally or as you travel, can be great fun.  




Our club meets on Thursdays for breakfast at 7:30 a.m.

Just a reminder that starting Jan. 3rd we will be meeting in the Wyandotte room at the Holiday Inn on 87th St

Thank-you Rod Fager for following the Oktoberfest 2018 summary:
In short, we netted $11,533.29 from Oktoberfest 18. The club typically keeps between 10%-20% to seed future foundation efforts so this year we elected to retain $1,533.29 leaving $10,000 to distribute to the 2 charitable recipients (Hot Lunch Inc. & Growing Futures) Since the primary sponsor of $2,500 was brought in specifically for Hot Lunch Inc. we felt that they should receive a proportional cash distribution recognizing that contribution. From that, we arrived at a 70/30 % split ($7000 to Hot Lunch Inc. with $3,000 to Growing futures). In addition to this, we elected to take the $1,500 we retained and use it to fund our matching grant for books earmarked for Growing Futures which would equal a total additional contribution to Growing futures of $3,000 of books. With this, the realized split becomes $7,000 to Hot Lunch Inc. and $6,000 to Growing futures representing a fair and balanced distribution to our two designated beneficiaries.


Invite a friend/co-worker to Rotary!


Meals on Wheels
Rotary Club of Johnson County
Meals on Wheels Volunteer Sign-up
February 2019 through July 2019
(1st Friday of each month)
If you wish to participate but did not have a chance to signup, or if you have a conflict with the date, please inform Shelly Tehven.   
Meals On Wheels
Date Name Name
February 1, 2019 Dave Gras Bill Robinett
March 1, 2019 Rod Fager Mark Smith
April 5, 2019 Larry Williams Pam Stockman
May 3, 2019 Shelly Tehven Lyle Curtis
June 7, 2019 Joe Morris Dave Gras
July 5, 2019 Bill Robinett Rod Fager
February 6, 2019
Rotary grows one new Rotarian at a time!   And, it is usually because one Rotarian asks someone he/she knows to come take a look.  Plus, it may take only one invitation to sell them on all that Rotary does, although it usually takes more than one ask. 
As we all age, so do many clubs.  The secret to keeping Rotary going is to invite young and middle-aged people to join us.  “But I’m just an old guy/or gal. I don’t know young people who would qualify.” Oh, yeah?  Think again.  
Think of all the young folks who always go out of their way to seek you out or seem to be glad to see you in public.  How about your kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews who you are proud of and would make wonderful Rotarians?  We all know younger people to ask. 
Then there are great younger Rotarians who hesitate to ask someone because we are an ‘older club.’ They say, “My friends probably wouldn’t want to be around all these ‘elder Rotarians’.”  Really? Think again.  
For younger people, it’s a great opportunity!  You can join a highly respected secular service organization that wants to make the world a better place.  Who do you know who is always looking to help?   Younger folks are in the right place at the right time to use leadership skills and ideas about the challenges and possibilities of the twenty-first century. Where else can you make a difference locally, regionally and internationally in any organization?  
Anyone can do it working with the Rotary Club of Johnson County!  Ask someone today!
by Larry Williams 
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Mar. 12th          Larry Williams
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