Bulletin for June 11, 2020
Paula Caplan was our guest presenter at last week's meeting. She is a clinical and research psychologist, author of 11 books, and an award-winning playwright. Paula's most recent book is When Johnny and Jane Come Marching Home: How All of Us Can Help Veterans. 


President's Message
Pam Stockman
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Even though it's been hot outside, summer doesn't officially arrive until Friday.  We are on track to begin meeting in person on July 2nd, but there will be a Zoom-in option for those who wish to still participate from home.  Larry sent me an email about a recent district survey regarding meetings.  Here is an excerpt:   
Out of  550 responses  (25% of all district Rotarians.)  About half of the respondents were ready to come back to meetings,  but the consensus wanted a combination of In-person/Zoom type meetings (a hybrid meeting model) Over 60% wanted all participants in person, masked. 80% said hand-sanitizers and social distancing was a must.  Many have moved meetings outside.  
So we are in line with other clubs in our district.  Finally, we need speakers for our meetings.  Speakers can also Zoom in, so anyone from around the world can come.  Please notify Becky if you have someone in mind.   Thank you! 

Zoom Meeting Information:
Join Zoom Meeting- copy and paste into your browser

Meeting ID: 210 493 910
Password: 416662

If you want to just listen on your phone.  Dial-in.    +1 253 215 8782 US  Use the same ID & password information.





Lenexa Rotary Club's Peace, Love & Friendship Rock Facebook Challenge
Lenexa Rotary would like to encourage everyone to have a little fun while walking the paths and stream ways in JOCO. Look for painted rocks, take pics and messenger it to this Facebook page and it will be added to these pics. We will call this the Lenexa Rotary PEACE, LOVE & FRIENDSHIP ROCK CHALLENGE. We will have weekly winners for the pic taker and if we can ID the artist, they will win too. Everyone can vote by "liking the rock of your choice. Gift Cards for carry out at one of our local eating establishments will be the prizes. Will end May 15th with a Grand Prize Winner. Who said that The Lenexa Art Fair is not taking place in some form?

Meals On Wheels

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Johnson County Meals on Wheels has switched to STAFF ONLY Monday Delivery for the unforeseeable future.  They will not schedule volunteers to deliver meals.  Meals on Wheels clients will receive a weekly Frozen Box of meals as well as a large box of Shelf-Stable meals.  They are also contacting clients weekly to check-in. I will notify everyone when the regular schedule will resume.  



June 9, 2020

With the violence around us, disunity amongst us, and dogmas being mistaken as good policy, it’s a wonder anything good at all is happening in God’s beautiful world.  But look around and see the goodness . . . . people working to help each other.

Our Rotary programs have been a great help these past weeks as we’ve seen students working for civility in our public discussions, heard Dr. Claire speaking on ‘Love Lasts’ in our relationships and last week listened to Paula Chapman’s powerful message of “listening.”  

Each week we see in our Newsletters, and in the Rotarian, how caring, loving, listening Rotarians are helping all over the world.  Many of us are already helping the hungry at food kitchens, with the Harvesters food chain, the area homeless, and the sick with no insurance right here in our own community.

Push the negative into the background unless you can do something to make it better, and focus on positive ways to help and support people who need it.   

Psalm 133 verse 1 is what we try to do . . . “Behold, how good and pleasant it is, for brothers and sisters to live together in UNITY!”      Isn’t goodness the result of unity?


by Larry Williams 
Rotary Blog
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