Bulletin for July 1, 2021
President's Message
We had a really great picnic last Thursday; the weather was beautiful and it was so fun to spend time with our members, family members, friends and honorary members. Please join us this Thursday for breakfast as we welcome Allyson Sessions and learn about Love To Smile Onsite.



Zoom Meeting Information:
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Meeting ID: 210 493 910
Password: 416662

If you want to just listen on your phone.  Dial-in.    +1 253 215 8782 US  Use the same ID & password information.



We will have our end of year picnic July 8th from 5:30pm to 9:00prn at Swarner Park in Shawnee.  This should be a family event and fun for all.  
Ernie Miller Nature Trail Service Project - Thank you to Gabriel, Larry, Bill and Rob for picking up trash along the creek at the Ernie Miller Nature Trail

Meals On Wheels

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Johnson County Meals on Wheels has switched to STAFF ONLY Monday Delivery for the unforeseeable future.  They will not schedule volunteers to deliver meals.  Meals on Wheels clients will receive a weekly Frozen Box of meals as well as a large box of Shelf-Stable meals.  They are also contacting clients weekly to check-in. I will notify everyone when the regular schedule will resume.  



June 8, 2021
When Paul Harris began meeting in that Chicago Hotel with businessmen friends for lunch, it was probably just every so often.  Then they began talking about some of the problems in the community.  As good people, they began to speak of ways to fix the problems and make life easier for their neighbors and businesses.  Together they had more man-power, more ideas and more money and access to equipment.  For this they needed to meet regularly.  
The first Rotary meetings were two times per month in Chicago and as this service club movement moved to other cities it used the Paul Harris pattern.  In the 60’s and 70’s of the last century, Rotarians found it more desirable to meet every week, not just for the fellowship, but to be a more effective service club.   Around the 1980’s RI decided that all clubs should meet weekly, but they gave the option for clubs to Grandfather the 2-times-monthly meetings if it was better for that club.  This was the time they also let in women members, which as we heard a couple of months ago was not an easy thing.  The ‘good old boys’ didn’t come around easily.
That meeting option has come full circle and now many Rotary Clubs are going back to twice a month or even something more radical.  Each club has different goals, varying schedules and different problems to solve.  And meeting times vary all over the world.
The Rotary Club of Johnson County is considering the “two meetings per month” option for the new Rotary year which begins July 2021.   Get your ideas in to president-elect Becky Johnston since there are only 3 more weeks in June.  
by Larry Williams 
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