Bulletin for January 10, 2019
Summary of January 3rd Meeting
Thanks to your generosity we collected $21 in 'Happy Bucks' and 'Dollars for the Foundation' last week. All these contributions benefit the Rotary International Foundation. 
President's Message
Joe Morris
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Pam Stockman has been busily putting together her slate of officers for the 2019-2020 Rotary Year.  Please give her every consideration if she asks you to participate.  Last week’s meeting keeps us glued to our seats as Bob McCoy laid down the new tax laws.  We all participated and I know I believed we had a lively meeting as we all had questions and concerns.  Might that be an idea for future speakers? More Q and A…




Just a reminder that starting Jan. 3rd we will be meeting in the Wyandotte room at the Holiday Inn on 87th St



Invite a friend/co-worker to Rotary!


Meals on Wheels
Rotary Club of Johnson County
Meals on Wheels Volunteer Sign-up
February 2019 through July 2019
(1st Friday of each month)
If you wish to participate but did not have a chance to signup, or if you have a conflict with the date, please inform Shelly Tehven.   
Meals On Wheels
Date Name Name
February 1, 2019 Dave Gras Bill Robinett
March 1, 2019 Rod Fager Mark Smith
April 5, 2019 Larry Williams Pam Stockman
May 3, 2019 Shelly Tehven Lyle Curtis
June 7, 2019 Joe Morris Dave Gras
July 5, 2019 Bill Robinett Rod Fager
January 10, 2019
Although it is a new year for so many entities and organizations, it marks only the half-way point in our Rotary year.  We can be very proud of what we have done so far, especially with a small membership: books for kids, head-start programs, food kitchens, Christmas angels and international projects in Central America. I cannot think of another club that person-for-person has had as much impact where people are in need.  
But we have come to a crossroad!  It will take a real challenge to move ahead and accomplish what we have been doing for 30+ years.  We’ve had as many as 80 members, while in the mid-years it was closer to 40 Rotarians. Now our membership is around 20.  
We have taken various actions such as changing our location and producing many successful projects. However, we do not have enough worker-bees to feel confident about the next big project, or the queen bees and Indian chiefs who want to move ahead without more help.
Our choice is but one . . .  to grow our club with new members!  We must bring prospects to our meetings in the next two months and beat the drums of celebration for the Rotary Club of Johnson County with its many contributions. Otherwise, we will become a thing of the past.
Whom do you know who has a business in our area? Are you friends with someone involved in JoCo government entities, libraries or law enforcement?  We need to recapture the ability to speak to Johnson County officials and business leaders to lead us forward as a service club that is recognized for its action and its people. To meet that challenge our club has to gain some new voices with new ideas to move us ahead.  
The future of the Rotary Club of Johnson County is your hands and mine.  
by Larry Williams 
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Jan. 10th           Larry Williams
Jan. 17th           Rod Fager
Jan. 24th           John Ruo
Jan. 31st           Dave Gras
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